Affiliate Terms

The specific terms of this Agreement are as follows:

I. To make 1 post a week on your Instagram and Facebook page– We understand affiliates do not want to fill there page with NutriBox meals, but we would like to see some exposure on your personal profiles, especially in the initial page people view before scrolling down

II. To make 3 stories a week on Instagram – This can be more frequent as it’s not a permanent post. Ideal times for these include delivery and eating times etc. These must be photo’s/videos of the food received, showing your clients that you are eating our meals, and you must make sure you tag @nutriboxmeals in all posts so we get notified of your posts.

III. To include some knowledgeable content in your posts – educate your clients on the benefits of meal preparation and why you are using NutriBox. This can be in written form and/or video – we have found much success in the past from affiliates talking to the camera about their meal preparation. We believe content marketing relays trust in our clients – if they use our meal preparation, they will see quicker results both physically and mentally. They will benefit from it and we want them to know all the reasons why they should use NutriBox, from the time it saves to the health benefits reaped.

IV. To include that your nutrition is supplied by NutriBox in your Instagram bio.

V. To tag NutriBox in all posts related to health and fitness e.g. Fuelled by NutriBox (This will make your followers aware of our affiliation)

VI. To include NutriBox website details and your individual code for clients in your post e.g NAME15. Your followers can implement this promo code on their first order to gain their 15% on their weekly order. For Healthy Habit 25% plans, please email as this must be done manually and state this in your posts.

VII. To make/confirm a repeat order every Friday by 5pm – If this is not met, we have the right not to prepare and deliver your food, as we need to order the ingredients.

VIII. A 1-month trial system will monitor your progress and if demand is not met we have the right to either terminate the programme or decrease the affiliate discount to 15% off for a further 4 weeks to see whether the progress improves.

IX. In the first month you must achieve 1 profile post and three stories a week. If this is achieved we will be more lenient on the enquiries, but if this is not met you must have had at least 5 enquiries.

X. Once the 1-month trial is complete, there will be a 3-strike rule if further progress is limited. You will get 1 warning email, 1 decrease in discount to 25% and a final chance. If no Improvement is noticed, we have the right to terminate the programme.

XI. For every affiliate that passes over a white label gym referral that purchases over 30 meals in their first order, and continues to use our service into week 2, they will trigger a further 20% discount (50%) off their next order.

XII. To give consent to be added to active campaign emailing system for us to send ordering reminders and updates of our service.

XIII. To give consent to be added to global messaging service to receive text messages requesting particular posts to be shared on Facebook and Instagram.

XIV. A minimum order of 10 meals and/or items must be ordered per week.

If you would like to sign up as an affiliate click here