Affiliate Info

The Affiliate Programme is aimed at PT’s and athletes, fitness and health bloggers, and social influencers that have a good social media following. You will have the chance to gain 30% off your order in exchange for client referrals and social media exposure. For every client referral, you could be given coupon codes to gain free food worth £10 and £25.

Customer satisfaction and client referrals are really important to us, so we will continue to reward you these coupon codes dependent on the customer’s longevity with NutriBox Meals.

*Please note that you do not have to be a PT with a huge social media following. If you have a good business and could see the benefits of our meals, we would love to hear from you.

How Does This Work

  • Fill in the brief application form
  • This will go through for screening
  • You will be sent an email once this is complete
  • You will be given a unique code to gain 30% off your total order

If you would like to read our affiliate terms, click here, or to sign up as an affiliate click here